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Horsena Swap Stirrup w/ Double Side Cover

by JPC
Original price $148.95 - Original price $148.95
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$148.95 - $148.95
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SKU 6100

Safe and chic on horseback with the POLY TECH stirrups from Italy!
Made with high quality materials the POLY TECH stirrups are designed to ensure comfort and safety. In addition to the exchangeable side pieces in beautiful metallic colors, the stirrup scores with one lateral arm which can open to 90° and is intended to release the foot in the event of a fall. The classic suspension of the stirrup allows a natural leg position. The anatomically shaped tread with a 5° incline helps to keep the heels down and its ergonomic shape promotes automatic positioning of the foot in the center of the stirrup. The perforated structure in combination with the 3D spikes guarantees an optimal grip and quick moisture and dirt removal.
In this way, these modern stirrups ensure more safety and also look chic.