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Online Saddle Trial Policy



  • Keep a saddle cover on it at all times (except when riding) and keep it out of reach of horses, dogs, cats, children, etc who may bite or scratch it.
  • You are welcome to ride in it but you need to wrap your stirrup leathers in Saran wrap to minimize marks on flaps.
  • Do not use any new accessories that came/ were purchased with your saddle, such as leathers, irons, or girth, until you are sure you are keeping the saddle.
  • Ensure that the billet guards are over the girth buckles and only use a girth with roller buckles. 
  • Do not ride in it if it is raining and you don’t have an indoor.
  • Please wear breeches or tights with boots/ half chaps. Do not ride in denim because it can damage the saddle. 
  • Do not apply any cleaner or conditioner to the saddle.
  • Once you receive the saddle, you will have 7 days to send it back to us. You can email us a tracking number at so that way we know you did not keep it longer than 7 days and that it is being sent back to us. If you decide to return the saddle, and it is not back in the mail within 7 days, the sale of the saddle will be final with no returns. 
  • When returning the saddle please place it in the box it came in with protective paper/ bubble wrap just as you received it. 
  • If a saddle comes back with new damage (which could only occur if the above guidelines weren’t followed) we have the right to withhold a minimum of 10% of the price of the saddle.