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Hoof Doctor Natural Hoof Repair Dressing

by RJM
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Help to keep your horse's hooves health and strong all year long. Hoof Doctor works on many fronts, eliminates sensitivity, improves quality of horn hoof plate, retains moisture, kills most bacteria and has anti-fungal effect. Also works to prevent thrush in the hoof while working as an antiseptic and anti-parasitic. Help to heal any injuries with Hoof Doctor's anti-inflammatory properties as well. Great for horses that are prone to thrush, cankers, quarter cracks, corns, sole bruises, hoof abscesses, white line disease or that suffer from laminitis and founder. Hoof Doctor is based on all-natural ingredients and contains no harmful or petroleum based products.

Product Details:

  • Helps retain moisture
  • Keeps hooves healthy and strong
  • Eliminates sensitive soles
  • Improves quality hoof horn
  • Kills bacteria and anti-fungal effect
  • Antiseptic and antiparasitic
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Works on thrush, canker, quarter cracks, corns, sole bruises, abscesses, white line disease
  • Helps reduce pain and sensitivity & assists with healing damaged tissue associated with Laminitis or Founder
  • All natural ingredients
  • No harmful or petroleum based products
  • Comes with applicator brush
  • 16oz