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Fly Sheets Are Now In Stock!
Fly Sheets Are Now In Stock!

Flexible Filly Turnout Halter

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Size: Horse

Designed for comfort, our grazing muzzle halter has features to make using and installing the Flexible Filly Muzzle easy. Our horse halter has strategically placed “keepers” to attach the muzzle.  The keepers ensure your grazing muzzle is secured in the right position so the muzzle will not shift and will remain clear of the horses’ lips and nostrils.

The halter with the muzzle and no rub ThinLine covers attached are shown below.  You can see how the specially designed halter puts your muzzle in exactly the right place for the greatest comfort for your horse and ease of use for you.

Simply thread the muzzle holder ties through the halter so your horse experiences rub-free muzzle grazing!

The two stainless steel buckles hold the leather breakaway and provide you with adjustability to ensure a perfect fit.