OV Equinox Winter Silicone Knee Patch Tight

by Ovation
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Have you ever considered wearing your comfy house pants to the barn? Unfortunately, they would come back covered in hair, and dirt, and hay, and shavings. And, although they are soft and warm, they do little to block out the whipping wind. Plus, they are just wicked slippery to try to ride in. That is, unless you have these Knee Patch Breeches! These tights offer everything from couch-lounging comfiness, to saddle security, plus they provide ultimate protection against harsh winter weather.

Equinox™ – Knit mid-weight polyester spandex with plush brushing inside and smooth, breeze resistant surface that retains warmth while wicking moisture

  • QuadFlex™ – Knit 4-way stretch and ultimate shape retention
  • WindShield™ – Smooth, breeze resistant fabric surface
  • Velvetex™ – Plush, soft-touch brushing against the skin
  • FreshLock™ – Odor resistant and antimicrobial
  • PrimaUV™ – UPF 30 premium protection against 96% of UVA

Pull on knee patch tights with GRIP-TEC™ SILICONE feature a brushed inside for chilly days and southern winters.

Material : Equinox™ – knit 4-way stretch polyester spandex

Fit : Classic – average shape to hip and thigh

Rise : Mid – slightly below the navel (+/- 1”)

Waistband : Regular 1 1/2”

Ankle Type : Shaped stretch spandex

Knee Patch : Grip-Tec™ silicone