Hoof Lab Hoof Hardener

by Leovet
SKU 30666

Leovet®'s Hoof Lab Hoof Hardener is ideal for horses with chipped, brittle hooves, low heels, separating hoof walls, and for barefoot horses. This hoof hardener works to strengthen the hoof wall and sole. This gives shod horses a firm seat for the shoe and unshod horses extra support. This easy to apply product will help protect against hoof decay and make the hoof significantly more durable.
  • Reduces cracking and abrasion of the horn
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Effective without harmful chemical agents
  • Does not contain glutaraldehyde, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or parabens!
  • Integrated pump top and brush applicator makes this product easy-to apply with less mess