Hoof Lab Hoof Grease

by Leovet
SKU 30663

Leovet®'s new, Hoof Lab Hoof Grease is an eco-friendly hoof product that is designed to nourish and strengthen hooves. Made with laurel and eucalyptus oil to promote the natural growth and elasticity. Hoof Grease regenerates brittle and cracking horn, is quickly absorbed, and works to seal moisture into the hoof while retaining breathability. You will love the beautiful, well-groomed, and healthy hooves you get from Leovet® Hoof Grease.
  • Made with eucalyptus and laurel oil
  • Does not contain any petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or parabens.
  • Nourishes and strengthens
  • Seals moisture into the hoof without sacrificing breathability