Demo Stubben S Zaria Optimum Deluxe Leather 18/27cm Biomex Seat #148

by Stubben
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  • Wool Flocked
  • Deluxe Leather and Biomex seat
  • Ebony
  • The Optimum features a close contact mono flap design, Stübben’s exclusive spring tree and optional Biomex seat that make it the best choice for freedom and comfort for both horse and rider
  • This saddle is a Demo and has been ridden in
  • Excellent condition
  • Tree Width  4 1/2"
  • Flap Length 14 1/8"
Important Stubben Tree Information: 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, XW what does it mean? The cm numbering system Stubben uses identifies the width of the tree from the bottom of the tree points. The goal is to select the correct tree width so that the angle of the tree points match the angle of your horse's back. It doesn't help to take the typical measurement from wool dots to wool dots on a Stubben because the width remains the same as long as the model of the saddle is the same. This allows for proper wither clearance in every tree width. For this reason you will notice in our photos that we are taking the general tree width measurement lower than normal. Please note this is only a guide to help you determine what size tree you need if you are comparing it to a saddle you already have. This measurement will NOT actually correspond to the cm of tree.