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Blanket Wash

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  • Regular Washes- French Lavender, Fresh Linen, Zesty Lemon. Can be used on the widest variety of items. Use on anything washable, not suggested for use on Wool.
  • Free & Clear- No Dyes, No Scents. But able to be used on a wide variety of items, not suggested for use on Wool.
  • Fleece & Wool- Perfect for wool, sheepskin, and fleece items. *Fleece items may be washed in the Regular or Free & Clear Wash.

For a review:

  • Blanket Safe Washes are SPECIFICALLY made for HORSE WEAR and Pet Wear
  • These Washes are DESIGNED with Horse blanket care Labels in mind.
  • All Washes are Low Sudsing and Residue Free, and Safe for your HE machine
  • These Washes EXCEL in cold water
  • Blanket Safe Washes help to MAINTAIN and restore color
  • All Washes are safe for WATERPROOFING
  • None of the washes contain additives, bleaches, softeners, or harsh chemicals
  • 100% Sourcing, Bottling and Shipping from the USA